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552 Commercial Street Astoria, Oregon 97103

Astoria Office

Stahancyk, Kent and Hook have been providing legal services in Astoria, Oregon for over two decades focusing on family and estate law.

Our Astoria office is conveniently located in downtown Astoria, one block from the Clatsop County Courthouse, and serves clients up and down the Oregon Coast.

When we decided to open an office on the Coast, it was an easy decision to share space with Steve Roman, a long time friend and professional ally of our firm. We have a wonderful room in a quaint, 1910s, converted residence overlooking the Columbia River, which affords a relaxed and comfortable environment in which to meet and discuss difficult and sometimes stressful situations.

Street parking is available on Commercial Street.


Astoria sits at the mouth of the Columbia River and is the oldest U.S. settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. Captain Robert Gray first explored the area now known as Astoria in 1792, when he and his crew became the first westerners to navigate the Columbia River. During the winter of 1805-06, Lewis and Clark camped in the area with the hope of seeing a ship that could take them home. No ships passed that winter and in the spring they began their return trip over land back east.

After Captain Gray and Lewis and Clark, settlers soon took notice of the area’s opportunity for fur trading. Businessman and financier, John Jacob Astor, sent his American Fur Company on an expedition to the area. In 1811, this expedition established Fort Astoria, naming their new town after Mr. Astor. Astoria soon became a major part of the fur trade in the Northwest. After two years, the War of 1812 disrupted Astor’s business plans and his company was forced to sell their operations to the North West Company. The British took control of the site in December 1813. It was renamed Fort George.

In 1846, as part of the Oregon Treaty, the British ceded the U.S. territory that is now known as Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. The Oregon Legislature incorporated Astoria in 1876. Today, the town remains a vibrant fishing community with a wealth of history. SK&H is proud to have an office in Astoria and to be a part of Astoria’s great future.




The Astoria office of Stahancyk, Kent & Hook serves the family and estate law needs of Oregon’s Clatsop County.


Clatsop County Courthouse
749 Commercial Street
Astoria, Oregon 97103
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Parking: Street parking is available on Commercial Street.