Youth & Student Programs

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Stahancyk, Kent & Hook places children at the top of our priority list. Below, see the ways in which our firm, individual attorneys, and staff volunteer time and resources to help children fulfill their potential.

PSU Women’s Basketball

SK&H is a dedicated supporter of the Portland State University Women’s Basketball program and enjoys a close relationship with the team. Every other month, we host a mentor dinner for the players and coaches. These dinners usually include a short presentation by our chef on how to prepare the meal being served, an etiquette lesson, and a short talk by Jody herself. We also regularly invite business and community leaders to join the dinners and speak to the young women about life after college and ways to be successful. “The entire team really looks forward to having dinner with Jody and the firm. It gives us a chance to be with each other off the court as well as meet other successful people in the community,” – Aleigh Krug. “I can’t thank Jody and her team enough for what they do for us. Between the mentor sessions and their participation in Wine and Roses, they truly have been a HUGE part of our team this past season. Thank you!” – Coach Sherri Murrell

Rimrock Girl’s Volleyball Team

Upon moving to Central Oregon, Managing Shareholder Joel Kent began volunteering as a Head Coach with the Rimrock Volleyball Club and has coached the eighteen-year-old girls’ team ever since. Rimrock’s goal is to support a “positive, nurturing environment teaching the concepts of team and sportsmanship, and emphasizing growth, development, and enjoyment.” Through the years, Joel’s creative and effective coaching techniques have garnered numerous tournament wins. Joel’s players have succeeded at a high level, including six High School Players of the Year, 37 All-State players and 10 State Championships with their high schools. Most players continue onto college, with the majority receiving volleyball scholarships, which Joel takes time to help them secure. Alumni from his teams also include 3 Collegiate All-Americans, and a head coach at Eastern Oregon University.

Lincoln High School Football Team

Every fall from 2003 to 2011, SK&H hosted the Lincoln Football Team at our Portland office for pre-game feasts. We consulted Ingrid Skoog, Director of Sports Nutritionist at University of Oregon, and experts at Sports Lab in Portland, so our chef could prepare appropriate and nutritious meals. The players received needed nourishment, a memento for each game (such as a custom-made football card or a team logo yo-yo) and pep talk from Jody and their coach. We like to think that our spirit gave them the lift they needed, with the help of our famous mac and cheese.

More Youth and Student Programs We Support

Matches at-risk youth with a big brother or sister who provides one-on-one mentoring. BBBS is the largest and oldest youth mentoring organization in the U.S.

Provide families of the community with affordable, quality after-school and summer programs for children.

Host special fundraising events for their organization to be able to continue their community support.

132 Acres of forest located at the base of Mt Hood. Mainly services the non-profit community by providing affordable grounds for retreats, events and meetings.

Strive to end child abuse and neglect by offering services such as respite care, parenting classes, music and art therapy to families who are at risk.

Advocate for the best interest of children who have been abandoned, abused or neglected, and aid the court in placement.

Volunteer based fundraising and moral support for student athletes.

Offer full range of pediatric services in kid friendly environment. Practice philosophy of family-centered care while providing modern procedures and medication.

Youth peers conduct hearings for first time non-violent juvenile offenders. Volunteers ages 12-17 serve on juries and act as members on the court. Decisions are recognized by the Lane County Department of Youth Services.

Day care service and education for young children. Accredited by the National Association for Education of Young Children.

The Imprint Program is a way for middle school and high school students to connect with young attorneys in their community and develop writing and analytical skills.

Volunteers travel to the classroom to educate and inspire students to realize their potential.

Membership organization that gives support to interscholastic athletics, club sports teams, academic clubs and others.

Every year, Lincoln High School holds an auction as a fundraiser for the school.

Primarily funded by the legal community through the Multnomah Bar Association, offers free drop-in child care for families at court.

Partnered with social service agency organizations to provide theatre workshops, free tickets, scholarships to children and free training and resources for teachers.

Students compete with teams and work with teachers and volunteer attorney-coaches on theoretical cases.

Science and Math Investigative Learning Experiences is partnered with the Oregon School District to provide science and math development to rural and educationally under-served students in grades 4-12.

Service needy families who have children undergoing medical treatment and who need basic medical and dental care.

Non-Profit that assists and motivates at-risk urban youth realize their potential and the value of education.

Catholic girl preparatory high school dedicated to the education of young women through a holistic approach.

Provide toys to children of economically challenged families and help them experience the joy of Christmas.