Crooked River Roundup

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Every year in late June, the entire firm of SK&H gets together in Prineville, Oregon, to attend the Crooked River Roundup and to host our annual barbeque. The SK&H barbeque is a longstanding tradition that brings together friends from all corners of Oregon and southwest Washington. The SK&H rodeo party has a dramatic impact on the community of Prineville and surrounding county. Hotels, restaurants, shops, barber shops, grocery stores, and almost every other business in Prineville is positively affected by the party. SK&H is proud to support the Prineville community through its annual presence at the rodeo.

About the Crooked River Roundup

Nestled in the high desert among sagebrush, juniper, and miles of working ranches, Prineville – the “Cowboy Capital of Oregon” – offers a unique glimpse into Oregon’s wild-west heritage. Roundups in Prineville have occurred annually in October, beginning in 1916. These roundups were suspended, however, during the two world wars. In 1944, local ranchers united to bring the roundup back to Prineville using their own money and talents. Their efforts were successful, and in 1945, the Crooked River Roundup officially made its debut.

Today, with its local participants, dedicated board of directors, and numerous volunteers, the Crooked River Roundup still demonstrates the community’s ability to come together to celebrate its history and citizens. SK&H is proud to be part of this long tradition.