Child Centered Solutions

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Child Centered Solutions (CCS) is a non-profit organization founded by Jody Stahancyk in 2006 to help protect the rights of children involved in high-conflict divorce. CCS is the first organization of its kind in Oregon and is on the forefront of the drive to expand the rights of children nationally.

Through community outreach and education, CCS helps parents and professionals identify and appropriately address the needs of children during family conflicts. Focusing on issues surrounding divorce, absent parents, step-families, same sex parents, and at home conflicts, CCS gives support and a voice to the person at the heart of the dispute – the child.

Children involved in high-conflict disputes are more likely to suffer negative long-term effects, including higher rates of juvenile delinquency, teen pregnancy and drug use, and lower rates of educational achievement. 30%- 50% of children going through the custody process are at risk for long-term problems such as those previously listed.

Often when a family experiences conflict, the children have no voice in the process. It is an emotionally and financially draining time for any family, and children often face traumatic social and psychological effects that impact their future development. CCS provides professional training for attorneys in the family law field and provides community education for parents, psychologists, and counselors who come in contact with children of high-conflict family situations.