At SKH, we approach community service and involvement in a variety of traditional and creative ways. We give our time and energy to established organizations, such as nonprofit or educational institutions. Other community involvement initiatives are self-directed, such as creating educational programs and special intern opportunities for specific communities. While the time and energy of our individual attorneys and staff is of paramount importance, as a successful business we also understand the impact that monetary support can make. Whether through direct donations to charitable organizations and schools, or to the renovation of a house to maintain the aesthetic and historical integrity of an area, we know how much dollars can do. We take pride in ownership of our community and enjoy how our extra involvement builds stronger bonds between both our firm’s and our individual attorney and staff’s connections with the community.

We believe that for everything we get from our community, we must give back three times over.

SKH fosters a culture of community involvement. Holding this as a commitment – not simply a concept – it has resulted in our involvement in many rewarding opportunities. Our firm’s goal is to act as enabler in the community, augmenting our own personal growth by fostering growth in our community. Whether through our time or through our dollars, SKH understands the value that extra involvement gives to our community.