Willamette Week’s Mayoral Madness Results

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For the past several weeks, the Willamette Week held a competition for pretend-mayor of Portland dubbed Mayoral Madness. Based on the model of the wildly popular NCAA Tournament, the publication pitted 64 public figures in Oregon against one another in online polls. The public voted and after dozens of matchups, thousands of votes and one or two controversies, the grand finale came down to actor Timothy Hutton and our very own, Jody Stahancyk.

When the final poll closed yesterday evening, Mr. Hutton was the winner despite a record turnout from Jody’s supporters. The “Jody 4 Mayor Super PAC” even went so far as to file a “Motion to Disqualify Timothy Hutton” on the grounds that he did not meet the residency requirements as described earlier in the election. In an eleventh hour decision, the Willamette Week dismissed the motion and ruled in favor of Mr. Hutton, bringing the fun, pretend election to an official close.